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DNA Discovery Paternity Testing is the leading provider of confidential DNA Paternity Testing. It is our highest priority that you receive the accurate and reliable test results that you need. Our laboratory is fully accredited and our technicians have analyzed more private paternity tests in the past five years than any other paternity testing laboratory in the world. Our PhDs have a combined 67 years experience in Molecular Biology and Paternity Testing.

Why DNA Discovery?

DNA Discovery is one of the largest providers of DNA and Paternity testing in the world. Our laboratory has processed tests from 6 of the 7 global continents.

The mother does not need to be involved in testing.

All DNA tests are automatically run TWICE to ensure complete confidence in all results.

Test results are available in 5 business days. Results can be emailed or sent through US mail.

We test using 16 different DNA loci, including the 13 CODIS probes used by the FBI as the universal standard for human identification.

We have highly trained DNA specialists available by phone or email to answer your questions and assist you with full support throughout this entire process.

DNA testing utilizes highly sophisticated technology, but for you, we have made it as simple as possible. Collecting DNA samples is fast, easy and hassle free.

About DNA Testing on the Web:

Please be careful when choosing a DNA Laboratory on the web. There are many companies out there that have slick web sites but little concern for the quality of test results given to their clients. We know. We have overturned many test results from several of these companies.

Carefully read all of the fine print on a web site to make sure you aren't promised one thing and delivered another. At DNA Discovery, we stand behind everything stated on this web site and there is no fine print. We are proud of the work we do which can be life changing for you and your family. Call us or email us with your questions at any time.

To order an in-home kit, call 1-888-946-7323 or email us.

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